A gallery for your samples and applications

Tuesday, May 26, 2009 | 10:55 AM

All of us at the O3D team are very excited to see developers from around the world getting involved in our project. We appreciate the great feedback we have received in the O3D discussion group, the translations of our documentation into other languages and some of the videos that have been created and posted on YouTube.

We are also excited by some of the samples that the community has created. From medieval castles, to medical imagery and dancing teapots, developers have shown a strong interest to experiment with O3D's technology and showcase its potential. To highlight some of this work we are planning to create a small gallery that will feature screenshots and links to the samples and applications that have been created with O3D.

To have your apps and samples considered for this new gallery, all you need to do is fill in this form. Our engineering team will then select out of all the submissions, those that we think could be of interest to the wider O3D development community.

We look forward to seeing your submissions and stay tuned for the gallery coming soon.


vivaladav said...

This is a great news, I really hope you are going to publish something like chromeexperiments.com soon!

cobaye said...

this looks great, but no 10.4 support is a real bummer, i don't want to use 10.5, its still buggy and you don't install a buggy OS in a production environnement, rally sad decision you guys made

hbridge said...


Actually, we've just updated O3D to work with 10.4 now, so please give it a shot! Our site should be updated to reflect this shortly.