O3D at Google I/O 2009

Tuesday, June 2, 2009 | 8:17 PM

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Thank you to everyone who came to our O3D sessions at Google I/O last week! It was exhilarating to get to meet so many people that are passionate about both graphics and the web. We were really happy about both the turnout at our talks as well as the quality of the questions from the audience.

For those of you who where unable to join us, here's a quick recap of the O3D activity at I/O:

  1. Our very own Matt Papakipos showed off the Beach Demo during the first day's keynote, described the technology behind O3D, and talked about how 3D fits into the future open web platform.
  2. We had a deep dive session on using O3D "Adding Interactive 3D Content to Your Site". Vangelis Kokkevis gave a architectural overview of O3D and how it compares to other 3D APIs. Gregg Tavares took us through the steps necessary to build a simple game in 20 minutes, from getting an object on the screen to getting an animated robot walking and jumping through an environment. You can download those steps here.

  3. Three of our partners showed off their wares at the developer sandbox and talked about their experiences building apps at our panel session, "Developing on O3D: A View from the Trenches". ABC/Disney showed off an awesome 3D search visualization (app here or video here); Crazy Pixel Productions talked about their experience building the O3D Beach Demo and an upcoming Tower Defense game; and Large Animal Games demoed a beautiful and addictive platformer game that they're working on called "Infinite Journey". It's exciting to see real apps that use O3D emerge and we're really looking forward to see how they develop!


Darkimmortal said...

Epic multiplayer (we're talking 32+ players at once) racing game coming soon, in O3D of course.