O3D at Google I/O 2009 Part 2

Thursday, June 11, 2009 | 1:44 AM

After we introduced O3D to the world in April this year, we were eager to present rich 3D web applications created with O3D. Two weeks ago, at Google I/O, we presented and demoed O3D based apps by Disney/ABC, Large Animal and Crazy Pixel Productions. We could not be more proud of what they created and showed off at Google I/O.

At Google I/O, we also had a chance to interview representatives from these companies and learn more about them and their experiences with O3D. In the interviews, they talked more about their 3D projects with O3D and where the projects are heading, shared feedback they got from I/O attendees at the Developer Sandbox pods, and also shared their thoughts about Google I/O.

1) Crazy Pixel Productions

Crazy Pixel Productions, a full service 3D animation and game development studio, built the O3D beach demo (demo here or video here), and is developing a 3D Tower Defense game.

2) Disney / ABC Television Group

Disney / ABC Television Group Digital Media introduced Visual Search Interface (app here or video here), an engaging 3D based application to both visually search and navigate through ABC's online catalog of video content.

3) Large Animal Games

Large Animal Games, a developer/publisher of social games for casual gamers developed and presented Infinite Journey (demo here or video here), a 3D online platformer game that will ultimately be integrated with social networks.

We are looking forward to seeing more exciting 3D web applications and services based on O3D in the future. To learn more about O3D's presence at Google I/O, please read our previous blog post, O3D at Google I/O 2009. Thank you.

Posted by Mickey Kim, New Business Developer Manager