O3D Release

Monday, August 10, 2009 | 12:17 PM

Today, we're releasing version of the O3D plugin. If you've already installed O3D, you'll receive the updated version automatically sometime later today. If you can't wait to try out the new features, just go over to our main site and download the plugin again. Here's a list of what's changed since our last release:

Bug Fixes

  • Added support for XP64 and Windows7.
  • Fixed keys not working in o3dPingPong sample when O3D area had focus.
  • Fixed Tar code to support long filenames.
  • Fixed Mac install issue that caused Firefox to think an old version was installed.
  • Improved performance for dynamic texture setting.
  • Fixed interference between the embedded V8 engine and non-O3D related scripts (like Google Analytics) on a page. o3djs now only pulls scripts marked with id="o3dscript" into V8.
  • Fixed a bug with nested RenderSurfaceSet objects.
  • Fixed beach demo scrollwheel and initialization bugs.

Other plugin changes

Samples changes
  • New Samples:
  • Added a Toon Shader example to shader-test sample.
  • Sample particle library now supports one-shots and trails. Added examples of particle one-shots and trails to particles sample.
  • Picking example now shows the normal of the surface.
  • Box2d now uses compiled box2d library.
  • Fixed the beach demo to now run in hardware-accelerated mode on additional low-end GPUs by splitting up assets

Utilities changes

  • Added new methods
    • o3djs.element.getNormalForTriangle
    • o3djs.material.createConstantMaterial
    • o3djs.material.createCheckerMaterial
    • o3djs.effect.createCheckerEffect
    • o3djs.math.pseudoRandom

Tools changes
  • Fixed issue with multiple embedded shaders in the sample o3dConverter.
  • Added --file_paths option to sample o3dConverter to make it easier to convert existing COLLADA files.
  • Sample o3dConverter and sample deserializer now separate skinned streams (POSITION, NORMAL, ...) from non-skinned streams (COLOR, TEXCOORD).
  • Sample o3dConverter will by default mark any primitive with no normals to request a constant shader. This fixes the issue with SketchUp models getting an error of missing NORMAL stream.


Codah said...

Awesome work guys.